ACL tears can happen to anyone, particularly those who lead an active lifestyle. Many injuries are non contact related and caused on our own. However, female ACL injuries are noticed as being more common than those involving men. In fact, women have ACL tears five times more than men. Here’s a look at why this occurs, and what women can do to prevent it.

Understanding Why Women Are More Prone

Physically speaking, there are a few reasons why women are prone to having an ACL injury. The knees on a woman tend to be turned in more than that of a man. Their bodies are also straighter when it comes to jumping and running, meaning their knees are not as bent. Bent knees are often key in avoiding injury.

Knowing How Female ACL Injuries Occur

ACL injuries are common with women because their physical differences are usually not accounted for when it comes to sports and other physical activity. By expecting a woman’s body to perform the same as a man’s, it can place additional strain on her body. Another issue is often related to not adopting the right type of stance when getting ready for sports or other exercises. Weight on the balls of the feet with legs apart and head up can help create the ideal stance that supports the individual and avoids further problems relating to ACL injuries. 

Prevention and Understanding the Body Are Key

Understanding how a woman’s body differs and what can be done to ensure a safer workout goes a long way in preventing problems before they occur. With proper stance and knowledge of how to workout to avoid ACL injuries, women can enjoy all the same sports and exercises as men. Monitoring through DorsaVi’s revolutionary wearable sensors technology might be one option on the horizon to help precisely measure jumping mechanics and what needs to be improved to prevent injury or return to sport safely.

Female ACL injuries occur more frequently than those in males, but it’s no reason to stop working out or avoid certain exercises. The right preparation and warming up safely can ensure women avoid these issues. Inquire today about our jumping mechanics program.