Getting involved in sports is something most young people enjoy. If they aren’t careful, they can get injuries that affect their future ability to play. It’s important to know the basics of young athlete orthopedic safety. Here are a few topics parents should keep in mind for children involved in sports.

Know That Size Matters

Children are more likely to injure themselves since their bodies are still growing. Because they aren’t fully coordinated yet, it’s easier for them to get injuries when playing sports. Smaller children should be in teams with others their size to lessen the chance of injury. The bigger a child is and the type of sport can mean more contact and additional chances of injury.

Young Athlete Orthopedic Safety Means Not to Overuse Injuries

Many young athletes believe they should ignore injuries so they can continue to participate in sports. This is a dangerous way of thinking because it can put more stress on the body in the long run. Watch out for issues such as swelling, complaints of pain, or a loss of interest in playing. Some children change their form to compensate for the injury.

Know How to Prevent Orthopedic Issues

Despite the fact that injuries can easily happen, there are ways to prevent them and minimize the chance of future issues. Make sure the athlete wears the right gear for every game, to protect their body from anything they might come into contact with. Proper warmups allow the body to stretch and be flexible enough for any sport. Finally, drinking plenty can give young athletes enough energy to carry on without further risking injury.

If children are involved in sports, it’s important to practice young athlete orthopedic safety. Allowing children to play sports with others of their size is important to prevent injury, as is resting after an incident. Prevention is the biggest key, so warming up and wearing the right protective gear are all necessary requirements to avoid further issues, regardless of the child’s age.