Children and teenagers today are involved in sports more than ever before. While sports offer a useful outlet for burning off energy and keeping children active, they are at greater risk for injuries. Sports overuse injuries are becoming more common in doctor’s offices all over the country. Here’s how the effects play a long-term role in a child’s health.

Knowing the Dangers of Playing Sports Too Often

Young people today play sports longer than they did in the past. A child or teenager might get involved in a sport and play it for most of the year, practicing when not in season. Some even play for more than one team. The constant repetitive motion can lead to injury.

How Sports Overuse Injuries Affect the Young Body

Because sports injuries are becoming more common, it’s having long-term effects on children and teens. Some problems can develop such as having an injury that heals but leads to arthritis earlier than expected. Doctors notice an increase in these issues that are starting to affect young people in their 30s, rather than later in life.

Understanding the Importance of Practicing Proper Care

Prevention is the best way to handle sports injuries that occur due to overuse. Many doctors are suggesting that athletes’ cross condition or play other sports. This prevents their body from getting overused with too much repetition. Encouraging athletes to have rest days is important for their bodies and to avoid further injury if they’re already experiencing a problem.

It isn’t uncommon to deal with sports overuse injuries in today’s competitive atmosphere.  By cross conditioning and making time to rest, children and teens can still enjoy all their favorite sports without worrying about the long-term effect this has on their bodies.