Rochester Hills Orthopedics and Sports Medicine are proud to announce the arrival of complete physical therapy services. With thorough and comprehensive PT services, we are celebrating a major milestone of having all of our medical facilities under one roof. Dr. Thomas Perkins, DO is on-site every day to oversee all aspects of our patients’ care. Rochester Hills Orthopedics and Sports Medicine offer excellent PT services to serve the needs of both surgical and non-surgical patients.

At Rochester Hills Orthopedics and Sports Medicine, we specialize in treating athletes of all ages and activities. Dr. Perkins specializes in sports-related surgical procedures with a focus on ACL reconstruction, meniscus surgery, rotator cuff surgery, and shoulder disability. As a former “All-American” and son of an MHSAA Hall of Fame Coach, Dr. Perkins has an inside interest in caring for athletes of all ages. 

Our therapists are All-American and nationally-ranked athletes in their own rite, and have firsthand experience in athletic surgery and recovery. The ability to have the therapy performed on-site at Rochester Hills Orthopedics and Sports Medicine – where the surgery is performed and where Dr. Perkins has his office – gives patients major advantages, as all aspects of their care are coordinated and overseen by Dr. Perkins and his staff.

Our facilities are second-to-none, and the expert care provided to our patients is compassionate to offer peace of mind, as well as body. For those athletes that do not require surgery, our therapeutic services are complete and comprehensive in the ability to formulate an analysis of muscular imbalances that clarify diagnoses and leads to symptom recovery without drugs or surgery. For aging athletes with joint degeneration, our surgical center has renowned expertise to allow a quick and safe recovery and is the first in state to perform complete out-patient joint replacement. We can oversee all aspects of care after total or partial knee replacement to ensure no detail is overlooked.

To learn more about our procedures, recovery, and physical therapy services, contact Rochester Hills Orthopedics and Sports Medicine today!